Hotel Review: Studio 6 in Duchesne

by Peter

Note: This hotel is no longer a Studio 6. It is now a Best Western. I haven't stayed in the hotel since the change, so can't update the review.

I stayed in the Studio 6 in Duchesne during an archaeological survey in the area earlier this summer (2017). We were unusual, in that we were not there to work on an oil and gas project.

Duchesne Utah

As you might imagine, if you've ever been to Duchesne, hotel options are pretty thin. You've got Winterton Suites, Studio 6, and Harrison Inn. Winterton and Studio 6 are both recent construction, built to serve the oil and gas boom in the Uinta Basin. The Harrison Inn looks like more of a traditional motel, although I've never stayed there.

We stayed at the Studio 6 for 2 nights, and would have made it a third, but finished our survey earlier than expected. They have quite possibly the most friendly hotel staff I've ever met, particularly the manager. He took the time to find out what we were there for, discuss our work, and make sure that we had everything we needed. He also remembered us the next day when we came back through. And he never complained about our sweaty, dirty condition.

The rooms are about what you'd expect. They are new and in good shape. They're built for an extended stay, with kitchen facilities and a hilariously shaped single table with what looks like half of a booth bench from a diner. The bed was comfortable and everything else acceptable. I've notice a trend in these kind of nice/budget hotels to go with hard flooring. The Studio 6 is the same. In any event, it's a good option for a stay in Duchesne, and Starvation Reservoir is worth a visit.


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