A Comprehensive List of Islands in Utah

 by Peter

This is an attempt to list all of the islands present in bodies of water in Utah. It generally ignores islands in rivers, unless they're large enough to be named. The information here is garnered from aerial photographs, topographic maps, and the US Geological Survey's Geographic Name Information System (GNIS). Over time, I may provide short histories of each island. Anything listed here as unnamed (and some that are named on Google) are not listed in the GNIS. So, they're up for grabs for naming. If you've got a locally used name you'd like to propose for official listing, you can find information on submitting it here: How Do I Submit A Name?

If you know of islands I've missed, please let me know and I'll add them to the list.

Natural Islands

Great Salt Lake

  • Antelope Island*
  • Fremont Island*
  • Gunnison Island*
  • Cub Island*
  • Stansbury Island*
  • Carrington Island*
  • Bird Island/Hat Island*
  • Dolphin Island*
  • Strong's Knob (also called Strongknob Mountain)*
  • Badger Island*
  • Egg Island*
  • Goose Island* (different from the Willard Bay Goose Island below)
  • There are a ton of little islands in Jordan River Delta/Farmington Bay area. I can't see that they're specifically named except for Brown's Island, which doesn't look like an island at all, to me.
  • There are another ton of little islands in the Bear River Delta/Willard Bay area. These include Goose Island and Rock Island, 
*None of the Great Salt Lake's islands outside of river deltas are (according to 2017-2022 aerial imagery from Google) currently actually islands. All are connected by mudflats to the lakeshore.

Utah Lake
  • Bird Island*
*Bird Island is only sometimes an island, when the lake level is low enough. As of May 2022, it was above water.

Green River*
  • Big Island
  • Bobby Island
  • Buck Island
  • Ford Island
  • Hog Island
  • Tree Island
*All islands listed for the Green River are located in Dinosaur National Monument. Those Park Service people, always naming things.

Uinta Mountain Lakes
  • Pine Island Lake (Four unnamed islands)
  • Whiskey Island Lake (One unnamed island)
  • Island Lake*
  • Island Lake*
  • Island Lake*
  • Island Lake*
  • Island Lake*
*Seriously, there are three Island Lakes in Summit County and two in Duchesne County, each with one, unnamed island.

Unnatural Islands

Deer Creek Reservoir
  • Deer Creek Island (not officially named in the GNIS)*
*Not currently an island, due to water levels.

Cutler Reservoir
  • The Island*
*Seriously, the only named island in Cache County, in a horsehoe bend of the Bear River at Cutler Reservoir, is named "The Island."

Flaming Gorge Reservoir
  • Kingfisher Island
  • At least 10 additional, apparently unnamed islands in the Utah portion of the reservoir

Lake Powell
  • Monte Cristo Island
  • Antelope Island (mostly in Arizona)
  • Lone Rock (not officially named in the GNIS)
  • Ten more unnamed islands, plus possibly a dozen or more small islets in various places

Strawberry Reservoir
  • Island Mountain
  • Four more unnamed islands, plus a fifth that may sometimes be an island when the water is high enough.

Sand Hollow Reservoir
  • Sand Hollow Island (not officially named in the GNIS)
  • Assorted small rocky islets

Yuba Reservoir
  • Two small, unnamed islands

Not Actually Islands

West Desert Emeritus Islands
  • Crater Island*
  • Lemay Island*
  • Silver Island*
  • Floating Island*
*None of these are islands. They are, instead, mountains that rise above the salt flats and would have been islands when Lake Bonneville existed.

Grand County
  • Island in the Sky*
  • Polly's Island*
  • The Island*
  • No-Mans Island*
*None of these are islands.

Cache County
  • Logan Island
    • This is the area between the Logan and Little Logan Rivers, below First Dam. I don't think it's actually an island, but a kind of peninsula between the rivers. It's been called the Island or Logan Island for at least 130 years.


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